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Lipo Cell Count for T100 Thrusters

(David Ingraham) #1

Hello all,

I was wondering if the T100 and basic ESC’s are capable of running safely on a 4S lipo. The 12V rating would suggest that it’s designed to run on 3S, but I was wondering how conservative that rating is.


(Rusty) #2

Hey David,

The T100 and Basic ESCs can definitely run on 4s lipos but we haven't done much testing to see if there is additional wear. The T100 gets over 7 lb of thrust at 14.8V. I would recommend limiting your power commands or it may wear out more quickly!

We'll try to do some more endurance/wear testing at higher voltages and let you know how it goes.


(David Ingraham) #3

Thanks for the reply Rusty. We’ll cap our command signals to around 80% for now then. I look forward to the results of your testing

(Phil) #4

I`d be happy if I could run my rig on 4s as I have a stack of 4s 5000mah already.

Look forward to the test results.

(Andrew) #5

Hi Rusty,

Is there any more data on running the T100 on 4S since this post?