6S Lipo and T200


Does the T200 thrusters and basic ESC support 6s voltage?

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Hi Ouahib,

The T200 Thrusters can run on 6s voltage, but the lifetime may be slightly reduced. The Basic ESCs do not support 6s voltage, so if you want to use 6s you must find an ESC that can handle that.


We have tested with 3s and 6s setups with the same ESC, which gives us rpm feedback etc., and with 3s lipo we get about 19k electrical rpm and about 3.9kg of thrust, but using 6s we get about 25k erpm (and a quite frightening sound) which boosts the thrust up to about 5.9kg. After 70% duty cycle the rpm will not increase, so using 6s pack you are going over what the motor can actually do. Also efficiency drops significantly when going over 20k erpm, at 25k erpm the thrust is 50% more and power consumption is 100% more. When using 6s you should not use full DC as it will not give you any benefits. I assume with 4s you can pretty much have the max power the thruster has to offer.

Goofy question perhaps but has anyone tried running the t2 motor with the t1 prop on 6s? I am wondering if the lower pitch would work better.

With a 490kv motor? @20v we can’t even hit 10k rpm. Is that supposed to be 2.5k rpm? or is erpm different from the actual rpm of the motor?

@Fallidar - The T100 prop won’t fit on the T200 actually. The internals are slightly different sizes. The “erpm” that @tuomas-salomaa mentioned is the electrical pulse rate, which is the RPM*number_of_poles/2. For instance, at 2000 RPM, the T200, which 14 poles, has an eRPM of 14,000.

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Thanks for the information!