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ESC Timing Settings

(Randy Senko) #1

I am using two t200 thrusters with 2 hobbyking 50amp ESCs at 6s. Unfortunately I have a large number of 6s high capacity lipos from other electric vehicle projects and no 4s batteries. I am able to program the timing advance on the ESC with any value between 0 and 25 degrees. Is there any information on what setting would be best? I imagine I want to go as low as possible to produce as little heat as possible and to try to keep the rpms down. Any advice?

(Adam) #2

Hi Randy,

The firmware on our BasicESC has the timing set to 15°, this is probably a good place to start. However, if you will be running the T200s at 6S voltage, it might be a good idea to decrease this a bit to bring the heat down as you say. I haven’t done any experiemnting with different timing, but it makes snese to me a lower timing might be best at that voltage. Running the T200s at 6S will decrease their lifespan a bit, but it should be alright. If you can, I would also recommend programming in as much of a “soft start as possible”, either directly in the ESC or in your control software.