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Cheap LiPo for the T100

(Richard) #1

This is the cheapest I have seen 5200 mah LiPo’s. Looks perfect for the T100.


(Rusty) #2

Hi Richard,

Agreed. This is definitely the cheapest source. Keep in mind that each T100 should have about 15A of discharge current available for it, so if you are using 3 T100s, that’s 45A. A 5200 mAh battery with a 10C rating will have a maximum discharge of 52A, so that’s cutting it close. If you use more than 3 thrusters, I would recommend finding a battery with a higher “C” rating or larger capacity.

You probably know that but I just want to make sure!



(Richard) #3


My plan is to run two 5200’s for 4 thrusters and get about an hour of underwater time, depending on the current, and how much vertical thrust I am using. I have found that 15 minutes of bottom time at a particular reef gives me about all of the copy I need to see what is going on and to make a nice brief clip.