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T100 Thruster and Lithium Polymer Battery

at what voltage the efficency of T100 thurster is high?
which Li-Po battery is suitable for running 8 thursters simultaneously 11.1v or 22.2v ?

Hi @sanidhya33,

You can find the answers to these questions in the technical details tab on the T100 product page.

The T100 is rated for operation at 6-16 V, and is designed to run best and with highest efficiency at 12 V. A 3S Lipo is recommended.


can we use 14.8 v battery

Your 14.8 V battery is probably nominally that battery and what is known as a 4S type. A 4S battery is nominally 14.8V, but can be 16.8V when fully charged.

As Adam mentioned, we recommend a 3S Lipo/Li-ion battery for the T100.

A 4S battery is best used with the T200.

can i use a dc to dc buck converter to convert 14.8 v to 12 v . can it increases the battery discharging time . for eg. i am using 11.1 v 10000 mah lipo battery or 14.8 v 10000 mah lipo battery with dc to dc converter which converts into constant 12 v. which battery has more discharging time and why?

can you please reply @kklemens

Hi @sanidhya33,

The total amount of energy contained in a battery is in units of watt-hours, which is volts*amp-hours. Therefore for a constant amp-hour capacity, a higher voltage battery will contain more energy and be able to run a thruster for longer. DC voltage converters are not 100% efficient, and you will lose some energy to heat, it would not be a very good idea to convert down to 12 V, as a 4S battery is perfectly fine for operating a T100. Note however that at higher voltage, a thruster will draw more current at the same throttle level, but also have more thrust.

Although the T100 was designed for use at 12 V for the optimum balance of efficiency and thrust, you can absolutely use it with a 4S battery, this will just result in slightly higher thrust and lower efficiency at full throttle. Please refer to the technical details for more information.