Cannot able to livestream via Integrated Camera

Hi, I am not able to live stream Integrated Camera
Screenshot 2024-03-15 134018

Not getting the live stream in cockpit. Not able to select the stream name in cockpit VideoPlayer Widget.And when selecting the H264 encoding camera feed is livestreaming not with MJPG and YUYV. Please help on this.

please help on this.
When using Encoding H264 getting this log

New stream for 'Stream /dev/video':
  "id": "00ee3f46-9a9f-4010-9cc5-f22a7af9753e",
  "name": "Stream /dev/video",
  "encode": "H264",
  "height": 360,
  "width": 640,
  "interval": "0.033333335",
  "source": "/dev/video0",
  "created": null

But not getting anything with MJPG and YUYV encoding.

Only H264 live stream is available. MJPG and YUYV livestream is not available with Cockpit software actually i have downloaded it from GitHub and running it from the source code using bun not getting the stream name when using MJPG and YUYV.

Hi @abhi37pandey, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Cockpit uses WebRTC to receive and display video streams, and WebRTC does not support MJPG/YUYV (but does support H264), so the behaviour you’re seeing is expected.[1]

If we wanted to support additional input formats then we would need to transcode them on the onboard computer (Raspberry Pi), which is computationally expensive and could cause issues with the rest of the system’s operation, so that’s not something we’ve implemented at the moment.

  1. Since QGroundControl is not browser based, it should be able to view your other encodings if it’s important to you to use them, but be aware that H264 is more bandwidth-efficient and will generally result in a better operating experience as a result. ↩︎


Thank you @EliotBR. Actually I was trying the same.
Thank you man

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