Logitech BRIO camera connection

Hi @EliotBR,

I’m working in a project using the eletronic from Bluerobotics. I strugging to stream the video using a non H264 camera.
The camera is a BRIO from logitech. When connected to the Raspi usb port, the system recognizes the camera, but no video streaming and no informations on camera screen (
I saw on the forum that is possible to stream from non H264 cameras, but could fix it so far with what I saw on the topics. Could you please help me on that?

Hi @rold, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Our old Companion software only has support for H264-encoded video streams. Adding support for additional / alternative encoding options requires modifying the software (some more discussion here).

If you use the latest beta release of BlueOS (instead of Companion) it should be possible to set up an MJPG or YUYV stream while in Pirate Mode, which QGC should be able to display if you use an RTSP stream (instead of UDP). Note that H264 is quite an efficient encoding, so there may be bandwidth issues when using an alternative.

Hi Eliot,

Thank you for the support and really sorry for the very late feedback on that.
We change camera to the Razer Kiyo pro (Webcam USB de Alta Definição Total - Razer Kiyo Pro).

The camera especification says :
Video codification:

  • USB 3.0: YUY2. & NV12 (Non compress)
  • USB 2.0: Codec H264. (compress)

We tried to connect the camera on raspberry, using a usb C cable (previsouly tested on computer) and we have now video streaming.

Do you have any suggestion regarding the video format H264 or YUY2, what is better or if we should change the operational system to Blue OS (we have installed onboard the raspi+pixhawk).

Glad to hear you managed to get a working camera system :slight_smile:

H264 is an encoded format, so it sends less data (and accordingly uses up less of your network bandwidth), but also partially reduces the quality of the image (mostly in ways that human eyes are not sensitive to).

  1. If you’re using the camera just for viewing at the topside then I’d recommend staying with H264
  2. If you’re trying to do computer vision or something then the extra data available from a raw format could be useful (if you have enough bandwidth for it), which would be most easily configured in BlueOS
    • The latest BlueOS beta version already has support (in Pirate Mode) for YUYV streams, but there are likely some minor tweaks required to support a stream presenting itself as YUY2