H264 video encoding outside

Hello I wrote a code that converts video top h264 in the web socket with the same address as in cockpit signaller.ts but i am not getting it into cockpit. Can anyone help me to get the complete web socket address that was hitting to run h264 video in cockpit.

I wrote a python code that converts normal video in H264 format. I am transferring it to the same WS connection. I need the complete ws url cockpit is hitting to get the video.

Hey Abhishek!

Have you tried using mavlink-camera-manager? It’s the backend we use on BlueOS to serve video to Cockpit. You can run it standalone on your machine for the same purpose (without BlueOS).

Okay. Actually I am using BlueOS as a backend.
i will give it a try.

Hi @abhi37pandey,

To clarify, h264 is a valid video encoding format for use with Cockpit, but Cockpit’s video handling is specifically reliant on video streams being packaged and presented via WebRTC, which the camera manager in BlueOS currently does automatically for configured streams.

If the camera manager is not automatically detecting your video stream then you may wish to present it via RTSP, in which case it can be passed to/through the camera manager via the “Redirect Stream” endpoint type.