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Can we control the ardusub without Qground control

Can we control ardusub vehicle without Q -ground control. Please guide me in this regard. Thank you.

Hi @shakeera,

The ArduSub autopilot firmware is controlled by the MAVLink protocol. QGroundControl is a ground control station software that communicates using MAVLink, so is capable of controlling ArduSub vehicles. Control can range from alternative applications (e.g. this iPad app), to code-based approaches like Pymavlink (which we have several examples for, and this more complete program I made recently). Pymavlink can be used from a topside computer, or can be run on the Companion computer inside the vehicle.

As MAVLink is a generated protocol, there are several other library implementations (i.e. if you don’t want to use Pymavlink/Python), and a number of wrapper APIs which (like Pymavlink) operate at a higher level of abstraction than just the base MAVLink protocol.

Hopefully that’s a good starting point, but feel free to ask follow-ups if something isn’t clear or you’d like more targeted information on a particular type of control or something :slight_smile:

Hi @shakeera
Based on Mavlink2Rest and NodeRED, we have build our own Web UI interface: GitHub - enderocean/cockpit: A software solution that enables gamers to control a ROV remotely
We only use QGroundControl to setup the system during ROV construction or fine tuning.
Let us know what you try to do.