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Can not find WIFI network

I have logged in i choose wifi SSID ,that’s nothing.I’m pretty sure I have wifi here.So what happened?(Everything was normal before)

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Hi @Richard1,

Does your computer show the wifi ID you’re wanting to connect to, with a strong signal strength? It’s possible you need to move the ROV closer to the router.

Also, do you have an aluminium enclosure? Metal around a device creates a faraday cage that can prevent radio waves from getting to the device, so if you’ve got an aluminium enclosure you’ll likely need to take it off for the raspberry pi to find and access nearby wifi networks.

HI, i am sure that the signal is OK .There is no metal shell on the pi.
And i also find there are no options in other drop-down menus,such as Serial Port.I find that when i login or refresh the page ,sometimes web page is often waiting to be cached or waiting for response.
What could cause this?It used to work fine.

Does your system page show any detected serial devices?

Not sure how to fix this wifi issue so I’ve asked about it internally - hopefully you’ll get a response soon :slight_smile:

After connect with pix,I can see something under Serial Port.

Hi,could it be a version issue?
My version is 0.0.26.Where should I download the previous version of the IMG file.

I wouldn’t expect it to be, but you’re welcome to try flashing an earlier version of the companion software if you want. Our downloads page specifies how to write the link to download a previous version of companion :slight_smile:

I am so sad. It doesn’t work.I still can’t see anything in the WiFi list.It means my pi can’t connect to net.My software can’t be updated and upgrade.
Are there other ways to connect to the Internet?

I’d suggest you try using the companion terminal-over-browser to access your companion computer, and then try using the Raspberry Pi instructions for connecting to wifi.

Even if it ends up not being possible to connect your companion computer to Wifi, you can always install the latest versions of both the ArduSub firmware and the companion computer software at our downloads page, and manually flash them onto your Pixhawk and companion computer.

At this stage there’s still a possibility that your wifi issue is a problem with your companion setup, in which case the raspberry pi instructions I linked you to could still work. If that’s the case then the companion Network page may still not display any available Wifi SSIDs in the dropdown box, but should still tell you if your internet status is Connected instead of Not Connected.

There is another way to update, using wired ethernet.
If you get the ROV connected to a topside router that have internet connection.
That means you have to build a small standard wired network with topside computer and ROV via a router.
Then status ends up with Wifi “pending” and Internet “Connected”

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Hi, @Richard1 When I upgraded the software to 0.0.26, I encountered the same situation as you, have you found a solution?

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Unfortunately I must tell you that this problem has not been resolved.I don’t know how to resolved it.
I think this may be a bug.Other versions will also have this problem.

@KCG/@Richard1 I can confirm this is a bug - it’s being worked on by our software team at the moment and should be fixed in the next companion update, that’s planned to come out within the next few weeks (hopefully quite soon).

Apparently this is a sub-case of a broader bug that got patched recently. There was some reasonably extensive testing done when that original fix was made, so it was expected that all the breaking cases had been handled, but it seems like there were a few that managed to slip through without being picked up.

Well,glad to hear this.Hope you guys update soon.
If you update the version, how do I know in the first time or will you send an update announcement in advance?

I’ll try to put a reply here once it’s released, but we’ll also do a forum announcement and pin it so everyone can see the announcement post for a month or so :slight_smile:

I have the same problem with a new vehicle setup. Could connect to wifi with the version of Companion that the vehicle came with but after updating to Companion 0.0.26 I couldn’t find any wifi networks.
I opened the Fathom-X Topside interface and connected the RJ45 from the Fathom-X into my router, and the same with the the USB-Ethernet converter to connect to the internet and update Ardusub.

If I roll back to 0.0.25 could I still have the same problem? I don’t want to open the electronics enclosure to flash Companion to the Pi if it’s not going to fix the problem.

The issue is actually with the update process, so if you flash the 0.0.26 image directly to the raspberry pi SD card then the wifi should be fine :slight_smile:

We’re aiming to release 0.0.27 in the next few days, which shouldn’t require opening the enclosure, but if you’re on a deadline then flashing an image more recent than 0.0.22 should fix the issue.

Thanks for the update. I can wait until 0.0.27 is released.

@Richard1 / @KCG / @gcelec

Please see the relevant instructions here :slight_smile:

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