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Hidden Wifi SSID?

I want to connect the ArduSub Companion Computer to my Wifi, but it doesn’t let me type my SSID and only lets be choose from a drop down box. I only use a hidden SSID so it won’t work for me.

I could make a public SSID in the short term, but it seems like a ton of extra work every time I want to update to have to add a public SSID, do the software updates, and then delete the public SSID.

Quick google search.


Seems like a ton of work for everyone to have to do compared to just updating the webpage to allow everyone to type the SSID and password into the box on the wifi configuration. It seems like almost every other wifi capable product on the market that I have used allows the user to type their SSID, and it think it would make the product a lot more straightforward to use.

Hi @btrue,

I have registered your issue in our repository: https://github.com/bluerobotics/companion/issues/378
Hopefully we may have a solution soon.