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BlueROV2 - Access to ArduSub Companion Computer terminal


I managed to plug in a DVL to BlueROV2 and I am trying to access Raspberry Pi’s terminal in order to test if the ROV receives successfully its data. Unfortunately, when I connect a screen and keyboard to Raspberry Pi I can’t login since the default username/password (pi/raspberry) don’t work.

Any thoughts about it?

Hi @palmos,

The default credentials for the companion computer are

  • user: pi
  • password: companion

I did a quick search on ardusub.com for ‘password’, and it’s apparently documented in the ‘Check MAVProxy’ section of the troubleshooting page. I’m not sure if it’s documented elsewhere, but if it is I haven’t found it. Any suggestions on a more obvious place to put that info? Did you try looking anywhere in particular?

In case you’re not aware, it’s possible to ssh in through the companion web interface (when you’ve got your ROV connected to your topside computer), using the web terminal :slight_smile:

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