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Programming the PI

I have bought the advanced ROV electronics package. Included in this is a preformatted SD card. I want to add a sensor to my ROV through the raspberry pi. The first problem i have encountered is that it asks for a username and password which i dont know. Does anyone know this?

Once in the program, does anyone have any tips on how you would make a program that takes signals from the connectors and sends them up the tether through the phatom. I am installing a magnet sensor that activates every time a magnet passes and using that to find the speed of a track. I have done a little coding in Python but this is my first time with a raspberry pi. Any help, or direction to useful sources would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Magnus,

To do the login in the companion computer you should entry with user: pi, and the password: companion.

If you want to do IO from the raspberry header, you should check the official python documentation, to send the data from the raspberry through the theter, you could use a UDP or TCP with a python script to send it.

For further information about companion or ardusub, you should check ardusub.com.

thank you! Is there no GUI installed on the SD card?

Hi Magnus,

No, connect the raspberry via hdmi with a keyboard and do the login after the boot process. You’ll need to run sudo raspi-configEnable Boot To Desktop, select the best option for you and follow the instructions to install the DE.