Can not connect gazebo to ArduSUb

Hello, I am trying to connect ArduSub to Gazebo, following this link Setting up a simulation environment - #2 by patrickelectric I can run ArduSub fine by itself but when I try to run it with gazebo, the ArduSub window returns Link 1 Down. I think it has to do with not properly installing the ardupilot_gazebo/add_link plugin, or maybe gazebo itself. It assumed I am using Ubuntu 16, I am not, I am using the latest version of Ubuntu. It also says it it may not be compatible with any gazebo version above 9, I am using gazebo 11. Does anyone know if getting ardusub to connect to gazebo only works with certain versions? If so will I be able to just install gazebo8 or do I need to also be using Ubuntu 16? Has anyone had success getting ardusub connected to gazebo using a version above 8? Thank you


Try to follow the Running part of the following repository: GitHub - patrickelectric/bluerov_ros_playground: Scripts to help BlueRov integration with ROS

The versions are out of date, the repository in pretty old, I would recommend to take a deep look on the ROS tutorial, do all the examples, and from that take a look on the code to adapt for your use case.

I would also recommend to check the debug messages in gazebo to identify problems.

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