Issue with installing Gazebo 7 and 8 for ArduSub SITL

Hi, I’ve been trying to set up ArduSub SITL with Gazebo to simulate some image processing code on my AUV. However the problem is in the ArduSub documantation (SITL · GitBook) the required plugins are said to only support Gazebo 7 or 8 that are both very tedious to install on my Ubuntu 22.04 machine. Is there any other version of gazebo that is supported by ArduSub SITL?

The ardupilot_gazebo plugin has been updated for Gazebo Garden. Gazebo Garden has binaries for Ubuntu 22.04 and built-in plugins for buoyancy, hydrodynamics and thrusters. See the project here: GitHub - ArduPilot/ardupilot_gazebo: Plugins and models for vehicle simulation in Gazebo Sim with ArduPilot SITL controllers

I built a model for the BlueROV2 running in Gazebo Garden here: GitHub - clydemcqueen/bluerov2_ignition: BlueROV2 model for Gazebo Garden

Let me know if you run into bugs.



Thank you so much for your answer. I believe it will work out well.