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Camera settings not saved with last release (0.0.16)

Hi there,

My laptop isn’t good enough to run 1080 frame size so I have to go down a size. However the webui doesn’t ‘save’ my change to the lower frame size. It just keeps reverting back to 1080 which is very annoying. I need a way to get the default to be one size smaller.


Hi Dunstan,

This is a know issue with our last release.
You can check the status of this problem here:


Looking through the issue it states that it was resolved, however I am still observing this issue on my ROV. I am currently running firmware version 0.0.16

@Pearce_Reickert The Companion image was updated to 0.0.17 in April 2019, please update and let us know if that fixes your issue: Update Software

Thanks for your quick reply! Following the instruction guide, I see no ‘Update companion’ button, which suggests:
“Click the button that says ‘Update companion’. If you do not see this button, then the companion software is up to date.”

However the version is still 0.0.16

If your BlueROV2 is connected to WiFi and you don’t see an update button, you can manually update the image by removing the SD card from the Raspberry Pi, wiping it with SD Formatter, and the installing the latest version with the instructions here: http://www.ardusub.com/getting-started/installation.html#raspberry-pi