How to change camera resolution

Hello, I’ve just I just bought a system and am in the process of configuring. Now I have problems with the picture lagging and have tried to change the image resolution to see if it helps. Has found the page where you make camera settings but cannot save the settings after changing. Anyone who knows?

Here you can see the page where I change resolution and the camera stopp lagging.
But, everytime I restart the rov I have to do the settigs again. Is there any way to save the data?

Hi Niklas,

The settings should be saved after hitting Apply gstreamer options.
This may be a problem in your SD Card that is failing to write the changes in our configuration files. Try to change your SD Card for a new one.

There was a bug report recently about the resolution setting not saving correctly:

Okey I’ve just started to open the electronic canister to change the memory card.
Then I will wait for the bug to be fixed instead of changing card.