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Camera and Light Control with Mavros

(Darrell Brandon Knape) #1

Hey Blue Robotics,

I am interested in controlling the lights and camera tilt of the BlueROV through mavros. I have the heavy addition of the BlueROV2 so my lights and camera servo are connected to the aux outputs of the BlueROV. I was thinking to use http://docs.ros.org/melodic/api/mavros_msgs/html/msg/ActuatorControl.html but I was not sure if Ardusub supported this. Also, I was not sure what group mix value I would use in the message or the range is acceptable in the controls list of the message.
I have been looking at this github link. https://github.com/patrickelectric/bluerov_ros_playground but there does not seem to be any implementation of what I am talking about. I was wondering if you guys have any idea about this or if this is possible right now.


(Patrick José Pereira) #2

Hi Darrel,

The easier way to accomplish what are you looking for is to use the manual control topic to send camera tilt and light inputs.

(Darrell Brandon Knape) #3

Okay, but how do you do that because the message structure of the ManualControl message does not make it clear.


std_msgs/Header header
float32 x
float32 y
float32 z
float32 r
uint16 buttons

Or if you know where any documentation for this would be that would be helpful.

Thank you,

(Jacob) #4

See here

(Darrell Brandon Knape) #5

Okay, thanks. according to that documentation in looks looks like it is for vehicle control. Is there a way to use that specifies light and camera control. Thank you.

(Patrick José Pereira) #6

Hi Darrel,

Check your vehicle configuration and the joystick button that is used to control the light, you can use this same button in MANUAL_CONTROL message. There is no message for light control.

(Darrell Brandon Knape) #7

Cool, thank you. I think that this will work for me

(Darrell Brandon Knape) #8

I have gotten this method to work. Do you know of a way to monitor the position (or pwm signal) of the camera while it is attached to the aux outputs?

(Patrick José Pereira) #9

Hi Darrel,

Take a look in SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW message.

The aux channels (9+) are not available due to a bug:

(Darrell Brandon Knape) #10

Hey Patrick,

Okay, thanks for letting me know.