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Building the pingviewer app using qt-creator (changing qml color , theme etc)

I wanted to use the app in a different theme so i cloned it in qt creator 5.12.10 (5.12 MSVC2017 64 bit) and i opened the pingviewer.pro file and clicked the green run button , the app didn’t run . there was few errors like syntax and path errors. And also i tried opening the qml files in the designer , there also no luck . what i want is open the app and edit its font , color, theme etc. is there any way to do or since it has .dll is it only possible to view and install it? i’m a noob in qt . any suggestions and help would be grateful.


Hi @nandhu ,

Qt Creator was not used for development, so it can’t be used to graphically change the user interface.
For building it, we have Build instructions in the docs.

Just to explain it better, since we dynamically create components, and for performance reasons a good part of the code that’s used for interface handle and sensor information is done in C++, Qt creator does not have a fully integration with this kind of workflow, only for the basic QML interface design.

But there are tools that may help you with your development such as gammaray.