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Install PingViewer on 32 bit Linux Processor

I was trying to install the PingViewer for a Linux machine which is running on a 32-bit processor. The AppImage file (located here https://docs.bluerobotics.com/ping-viewer/#installing-and-running-the-application) will not run on this processor. I looked to this article for help, and it claims that 32-bit processors cannot run x86_64 binaries. https://appuals.com/fix-cannot-execute-binary-file-exec-format-error-ubuntu/

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @mrmomo26,

We don’t provide and support 32 bits binary of our applications, Qt itself does not provide 32 bits version of their framework. If you are really willing to run it in a 32 bits system, you’ll need to compile both Qt and PingViewer from source.

Thanks! (meant to reply when you wrote the answer oops)

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