BR2 going Acrobatic

Hello Guys,

I am wondering how can i set my BR2 to acrobatic mode like the video posted on the BR2 Heavy configuration.


Hi Luis, there are instructions in the documentation under the ‘Software Setup’ section.

I don’t see where this shows how to set it up. I’m not really seeing info on getting into acro mode with heavy configuration. This is the basis of everything I need my rov to do and have never been able to get it done in almost 2 years.

All that did was show ppl how to set up the heavy configuration. I have never been able to get anything to function the way it’s supposed to besides manual mode.

Did you ever solve this?

Hi @SaferHarbors,

You should be able to get into acro mode by setting (and using) the mode_acro joystick button function, or by choosing Acro in the mode dropdown in QGroundControl.

Note that like the other advanced flight modes acro has not been as extensively tested as the standard modes. As discussed in this thread it seems there’s at least one known issue with how it operates.

If the stabilize and depth hold modes aren’t working properly there are most likely issues with your configuration (e.g. motor positions/assignments, sensor calibrations, joystick calibration, etc), or perhaps some malfunctioning sensors on your flight controller.

I will check everything again. I had not see this before and will give it a try when I test again Thursday. I’m not really worried about pitch. Just roll. I didn’t know there was a toggle button for this feature.I will make sure it’s all configured to this exactly. Just waiting on a xt90 male bullet. When I flooded the globe it melted that connection.

I found this to be helpful.