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BR2 Commercial Frame

Working on a new frame for a client.

I’m calling this orange ROV 1 as it is a commercial version of the BR2 c/w Delrin frame and 950m buoyancy.

It has 2 power modules and the center is for tooling.

More pictures to come.


@etienne - Wow! Very cool. Those buoyancy blocks look awesome! Is that coated foam or is that a fairing?

I’m happy to see a Ping360 on there :slight_smile:


Hi Rusty,

Thanks for the comments.

I’m glad to have the ping360 on there :slight_smile:

The ping altimeter will be in the back and Newton gripper will go in the center.

I also designed a CP probe and wire brush tool that fits in the Newton clamp.

Inspection camera will clamp on top of the Newton gripper tube.

This is a foam block coated with epoxy paint. The holes in the front is for laser pointers. Same holes in the back is for lumens light.

I designed a clamp for the 2 inch tube which will host my new camera system.

More pictures to come.


Buoyancy looks really sharp, well done!

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Thanks. It’s that moment when you put it on and see everything fits perfectly!!

Yeah it really came out great. I remember you were looking for someone to make a custom buoyancy, but did you find a place, or did you end up doing it yourself? It looks really nice matching the frame arc on top. I assume there are inserts?

Also, what made you go with delrin over the marine hdpe?

Designed the foam and got it machined.

What do you mean by inserts?

Chose Delrin because it’s higher strength and hardness. It’s also what I could get my hands on :slight_smile:

Custom made barrel nuts and secured the frame with M6 screws.

It’s super solid.

Inserts as in, when you attach the buoyancy to the frame, you install it roughly like normal through holes in the bottle cradle, but instead of using the coarse thread BR screws, you use regular metric threaded fasteners that go into threaded inserts that are epoxied into the buoyancy?

There are 2 holes in the top of the buoyancy that matches holes on the frame.

It’s secured using 60 mm screw and wing nut.

Ohhh right on, that sounds way better than what I was thinking.