BlueROV2 video transmition "lag"


I got a BlueROV2 installed in my USV, recently I was getting a “lag” on the video transmission. It’s not really a lag because the video doesn’t actually delay, it doesn’t send it. It’s like I’m getting one frame every 5000ms.

I have already run the following tests:

  • I tested on my boat network and it’s running great.
  • Connected the FXTI to my TMS. Don’t solved my problem.
  • Connected my laptop directly to the Raspberry 3 of my ROV. Don’t solved my problem.
  • When I connected the camera directly to my laptop there is no lag. So the problem it’s not in the camera.
  • I tried this solution: Can i use Raspberry pi camera v2 on blueOS . Don’t solved my problem.
  • Reinstalled the BlueOS, using the latest version available. Don’t solved my problem.
  • When I ping the ROV, there is no significant delay.

I think the problem may be in the Raspberry Pi 3, but I don’t know how to solve. What do you suggest me to do?

I’m sending photos and screenshots from my setup.

What version of camera are you running?