1 second + video lag

We have a Rpi4 and when the BR2 is connected direct to the control box or even via the 200m tether there is a 1 second plus lag in the video. There are no breaks in the image it’s literally delayed only. Any ideas?

Hi @Divertom80,

I’m not sure what would be causing that.

Could you clarify:

  1. what is the latency shown on the Network Test page?
    • if this is significantly lower than 1s then it’s likely an issue with some part of the camera pipeline (e.g. the camera itself, or the camera manager, or the decoding at the topside)
    • if this is ~1s then there’s likely some kind of network issue with your system - a similar test would be to see whether the controls are delayed by a similar amount to the video stream
  2. which software are you using to receive the video stream (e.g. QGroundControl or something else)

There have been a variety of camera manager updates recently, so if you want to you could try updating to a development version of BlueOS[1] to see whether that helps (or to the latest stable if you’re not already on that).

  1. Note: updating to development releases requires Pirate Mode ↩︎

Hi guys

I’m new here. I’m Bryn from UK.

I have the same issue. Just a huge lag… Picture quality is ok but nothing great and I have at least a 1.5second lag in the images

Everything is as up-to-date as it should be as the unit has just been built.

Any ideas on this issue?



have you updated BueOS? I found this cured it.

Hi Martch

Yes everything is upto date. I might try pirate mode and see if any other versions work better…


What length of umbilical you running through? Can you direct connect to the topside without umbilical?

150m Umbilical

Can you do a direct connect to the comp without umbilical? Just to see if the lag is being caused by the umbilical? What speed you getting through the network test in the blueos page?

I’d also recommend checking a different camera! Lag can come from a bad camera, or one that is too hot - operating on the bench with the enclosure sealed can lead to this in not much time at all!
Testing the camera directly with a laptop can help too - via your OS camera app (don’t forget to click the spin-around button to see the external camera stream!)

@Divertom80 Might sound a bit too simple, but I had a similar issue and it was simply fixed by switching my laptop to performance mode instead of battery saver - was frustrating working out the issue but an easy fix in the end! Hopefully it’s something that simple for you also.


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This is a great fix! A lot of computer hardware treats the use of hardware decoders and cpu power states differently, which can lead to tough to diagnose video performance issues. Thanks for sharing!