Can i use Raspberry pi camera v2 on blueOS

We have a Raspberry cam v2 (aka Raspicam) with Pixhawk 2.4.8 and Raspberry pi 4b. we are using BlueOS but i doesnt see Raspicam can we solve that?

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We enabled the legacy mode now it says "Could not fetch video streams: Request failed with status code 502 "

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Hi @erkamtb, sorry for that, you did it right - to use the Raspberry camera you need to enable the legacy mode.

Before getting any logs and more in-depth information about your system (even BlueOS version), I can only give you the most common and generic strategy to solve this kind of problem. Here I’m assuming you are using BlueOS version 1.0.1, specific location and steps might be slightly different (and probably easier) in more recent (beta) versions.

  1. Activate the Pirate mode. You can do that by (1) clicking the settings (the gear icon at the bottom of the left menu), and then (2) clicking the “Pirate mode” toggle switch:

  2. With the Pirate mode enabled, open the File browser, it’s on the left menu at Tools > File Browser.

  3. Using the File browser, delete the mavlink-camera-manager settings. The file is located under /home/root/.configs/mavlink-camera-manager/settings.json, or, if you are using BlueOS version 1.1.0-beta.16, the home has a shortcut called configs. To delete the file, (1) select it, (2) click on the bin icon at the top-right tools bar that will appear, (3) confirm the deletion clicking on DELETE:

  4. Reboot the Raspberry and see if the Video Streams page responds.

  5. Create a standard H264 1080p 30 fps, different settings are more likely to have issues.

The reasoning behind this: the 502 error seems to be the case where the camera manager had an unrecoverable error, most likely due to a kernel issue related to the legacy driver and how GStreamer interface with them, generated by incompatible settings on the mavlink-camera-manager side.

If it doesn’t help you, you’d need to give us more information:

  1. BlueOS Version
  2. If available, mavlink-camera-manager logs. You can download them using the File Browser, and they would be located at /vars/logs/blueos/services/mavlink-camera-manager (most recent beta), or /vars/logs/blueos/mavlink-camera-manager` (older betas), or, sadly, not yet available as a file (at version 1.0.1 or below).



Thank you. We switched it to 1.1.0 beta 16 and it worked for us thank you for your answer