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BlueROV2 Software Components


First time poster so apologies if there are any conventions that I’m not following or anything.

This may be a really dumb question but while I was searching ROS integration with the BlueROV2, I found this image:

I was wondering if that image is still up to date/relevant on the BlueROV2 as the image was uploaded prior to 2018 and I don’t believe the BlueROV2s use the RasPi camera or CSI-2 port.

If the image is outdated, do you know where I can find a more up-to-date image/model of how the software components interface with each other?


Hi @Firestarss,

I’m currently engaged in updating a bunch of our ArduSub documentation, and that image is indeed outdated - the software components overview is one of the top items on my list. I’m in the process of making a more detailed overview which includes our web interface and other networked components.

I’ve raised a GitHub issue here, so you can see when it’s been updated and what’s being included.

The video component specifically has changed from
“RPi Camera → CSI port → raspivid → gstreamer (fdsrc to udpsink) → video stream (UDP:5600)”
to instead be
“USB Camera + microphone (h264 output) → USB port → gstreamer (v4l2src (h264) to udpsink) → video stream (UDP:5600) + audio stream (UDP:5601)”

Awesome! Thank you so much. Is there any chance I could ask you to update your link for the GitHub issue? The link currently directs to the web interface page on your ardusub documentation site.

EDIT: if anyone else wants/needs, here is the link.
Long link: Software Components Overview Outdated · Issue #197 · bluerobotics/ardusub-gitbook · GitHub

This was my attempt at implementing what you said as an updated path. Does this look correct?

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Sorry about that, I’ve updated it now, although I see you’ve already found it :slight_smile:

That’s all correct from what I can tell :slight_smile:

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