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BlueROV2 Software Components


First time poster so apologies if there are any conventions that I’m not following or anything.

This may be a really dumb question but while I was searching ROS integration with the BlueROV2, I found this image:

I was wondering if that image is still up to date/relevant on the BlueROV2 as the image was uploaded prior to 2018 and I don’t believe the BlueROV2s use the RasPi camera or CSI-2 port.

If the image is outdated, do you know where I can find a more up-to-date image/model of how the software components interface with each other?


Hi @Firestarss,

I’m currently engaged in updating a bunch of our ArduSub documentation, and that image is indeed outdated - the software components overview is one of the top items on my list. I’m in the process of making a more detailed overview which includes our web interface and other networked components.

I’ve raised a GitHub issue here, so you can see when it’s been updated and what’s being included.

The video component specifically has changed from
“RPi Camera → CSI port → raspivid → gstreamer (fdsrc to udpsink) → video stream (UDP:5600)”
to instead be
“USB Camera + microphone (h264 output) → USB port → gstreamer (v4l2src (h264) to udpsink) → video stream (UDP:5600) + audio stream (UDP:5601)”

Awesome! Thank you so much. Is there any chance I could ask you to update your link for the GitHub issue? The link currently directs to the web interface page on your ardusub documentation site.

EDIT: if anyone else wants/needs, here is the link.
Long link: Software Components Overview Outdated · Issue #197 · bluerobotics/ardusub-gitbook · GitHub

This was my attempt at implementing what you said as an updated path. Does this look correct?

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Sorry about that, I’ve updated it now, although I see you’ve already found it :slight_smile:

That’s all correct from what I can tell :slight_smile:

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Our original outdated image came up again elsewhere, so I thought it was worth coming back here and confirming that the updated diagram is completed and available in our documentation now. It’s significantly more detailed, and is also interactive (you can zoom, and it includes links to other related documentation/content) :slight_smile:

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