BlueROV2 heavy diy mod. Less drag

Less drag.
Seems there was a lot of resistance in the water when I converted ROV from ordinary to heavy. And it was easy to hang up in objects since I did not have the heavy protection.
found that one could turn the plates with the half moon recesses the opposite way. and pull the plates completely together. Then there was room to mount the engines both front and back. and that the float element could be mounted again on top of the plate.
All wires are moving to the top of the plate and make the underside smooth and without resistance.
With this wire assembly, one also gets longer wire when removing the main tube.
Have also turned the engines slightly so that they are slightly less than 45 degrees. to get more speed ahead.
Have had it on a small test trip and there is a lot of less resistance in the water.

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@Turoey Very nice modification to suit your needs! Thanks for sharing and I hope you get plenty of use out of your ROV!

Nice streamlined design. Do the forward vertical thrusters get in view of the camera much?

no they do not come into view at all. have not tried different formats in the setup on the camera but think it should be okay.
may shade slightly for the light