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BlueROV2 Camera Latency

(Jim) #1

Currently facing issues with camera latency (~1 second delay) on the BlueROV2. Seems to be a processing speed on the ROV side rather than QGC since we tested on lower spec laptops and high spec PCs - only noteworthy thing is that all were running windows 7.

On the current version, what are is the best realistic latency on the installed camera? Which options/software/hardware influence this the most?

Ideally need the latency under 250ms. Any suggestions appreciated!

(Jacob) #2

You should use Windows 10. Windows 7 is not supported and this poor behavior can be expected on Windows 7.

You can check other troubleshooting tips here: https://www.ardusub.com/troubleshooting/troubleshooting.html#poor-video-streaming-performance