BlueRov2 camera angle


Is there any way to access information about the angle of the camera on the BlueRov2?


Hi @davidd,

ArduSub sends out regular NAMED_VALUE_FLOAT:CamTilt MAVLink messages, which can be shown (as a percentage of the configured range) in QGC by selecting the ApmSubInfo / CameraTilt option:
Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 7.08.56 am

The actual angle that corresponds to is dependent on the servo motor being used, along with the configured PWM range for the relevant output.


Thank you for the quick reply. I am also using bluerov_ros_playgroung in parallel with QGC. Is there a ROS topic that contains CameraTilt angle/percentage?

I don’t have experience with ROS, but assuming the topics are auto-generated based on the available MAVLink message types then there should be one for NAMED_VALUE_FLOAT messages, in which case the camera tilt percentage can be fetched from those when the name is CamTilt.

If the topics have been made by hand then it’s possible there isn’t one for NAMED_VALUE_FLOATs, but it’s a pretty useful message so that would be surprising.