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BlueROV-ros-pkg installation problem/error in roslaunch

(Lingxiao Wang) #1

Hello, everyone. We fellow the BlueROS installation instruction here, and we set up the Blue ROS on the ubuntu 14.04 plus ROS indigo.

The problem is that when we run this instruction “roslaunch bluerov bluerov_r1.launch” (which shown in this tutorial), it said this error “bluerov is not a file name”. When we run “roscd bluerov”, it shows that “no such package”, and we guess this error indicates that we didn’t install bluerov package correctly. However, there are no errors shown when we fellowed this tutorial , and the last step of installing bluerov-ros-package “catkin_make” was running successfully.

We have no ideas why there is an error when we run this instruction “roslaunch bluerov bluerov_r1.launch”, since the and anyone could help us please leave a message.