Getting ROS on the raspi with ubuntu


I’ve attempted to install ROS on the raspi via the tutorial using the recommended ros-indigo-comm package via rosinstall_generator. In my catkin_ws I have these roscomm files (which all seem to build during a catkin_make… however the bluerov_apps cmake seems to be giving cmake errors such as sensor_msgs missing. So I rosinstall_generator that package as well but then run into pcl_conversions followed by a pcl_config missing error. I am just wondering if I followed the wrong path here because of the variety of errors.


EDIT: I commented out the pcl_conversions build dependency but now having issues with not being able to find joyConfig.cmake. With a little searching, I was able to find it in /opt/ros/indigo/share/joy/cmake… If i do an echo on $ROS_PACKAGE_PATH it has /opt/ros/indigo/share as a path…so why can’t it find it and how can I point it in the right direction?