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Install from source issues on RasPi 2

(mike def) #1

Has anyone had problems installing from source on the RasPi? When I install the indigo dependences I get that the following have unmet dependencies: libqt4-opengl-dev. : depends: libgles2-mesa-dev.

I have attempted everything people have said on a bunch of forums. I assume most people didn’t run into this problem. I have Ubuntu Trusty and ROS Indigo base on the RasPi.

Thanks for the help.



(Jim N.) #2

Hi Mike, how are you installing ROS? using ros install and rosdep? Are you following the ARM install guide on the ROS wiki for Ubuntu on ARM?

(mike def) #3

Hi Jim,

Yes I am installing ROS and yes I was installing based on every guide I could find. The problem arises due to a PCL dependency that is in the CMakeLists.txt of bluerov_apps. I ended up commenting out both PCL related packages as well as adding in geometry_msgs as the .cfg file would not build without that package. I saw a comment on your discussion yesterday that helped me out so thank you.

I am trying to find the time to put together the ROV this week. I don’t have an autopilot yet as I just returned my APM and am planning on replacing with a Pixhawk.


Thanks again for checking up on my post.



(Jim N.) #4

Oh, yeah, perception_pcl i.e. pcl_ros requires stand-alone pcl install, and the standard bluerov stack had the dependency on pcl until recently. I think Josh removed it from CMake and package files. PCL is not used currently. The ROS ARM install is tricky and I’ve not had a clean install the last four or five times I’ve done it. It’s laborious no matter if you have a Ubuntu arm or raspbian esque os. I am posting a ubuntu arm and raspbian arm images into my own repo tonight and will post the link for folks if they want the ubuntu trusty or raspbian wheezy/jessie kernels.

(Josh) #5

Hi Mike,

As Jim mentioned, I did remove the PCL dependencies a couple of weeks ago. You should be able to achieve a trouble-free install if you follow the bluerov tutorials on ros.org.

Please let us know if you have any additional issues.