BlueOS crashes and loose trustor config

We are using a Lanai PRO from Poseidon who is running the navigator board and control it tru EIVA and the Mobula SW.
Ardusub fw is 4.1.0 Stable and BlueOS is 1.0.1 Stable version.

We have some problems with random crashes of BlueOS and after reboots occasionally even lost of trustor configuration making the ROV not usable. Trustor 1 becomes trustor 5 and so on. A complete reboot of the system solves the problem most of the times…

Have anyone seen these problems and experienced unstable BlueOS?


Hi @Lanai_PRO, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your ROV.

I don’t believe losing the thruster configuration is an issue we’ve run into before, and I’m not sure what’s going on in this case. I’ve brought this up internally to see if one of the relevant software engineers has a better idea of what might be happening.

Following up,

We don’t have enough information to work with here. In particular, what do you mean by a “crash” (e.g. did it reboot? did it hang? has only ArduSub stopped, or everything?), and how was it noticed?

Beyond that, parameters shouldn’t change by themselves between boots (and they don’t seem to be changed if they’re coming back after you reboot), so perhaps Mobula has some built in defaults or changes that are failing to properly update in some scenario(s)?

HI, thanks for getting back,

What i mean by a crash is that the ROV and the Navigator board in this case stops sending data back to the top side unit. Thrustors stop working and the camerafeed stops and the ROV goes dead in the water.
I cant access BlueOS thru the WebGui, so in some was it hangs or stops sending/receiving data.

The problems with lost thrustor config has occured when switching between QGC and Mobula.
A reboot solves the systems most of the times på i had do a full reset of Ardusub to factory default the fix it some other time.

I have also seen some very different results in the communications test, from as low as 30 mb/s to like 78 mb/s so it feels a little but unstable sometimes…

Thanks !

Some updates !

After much testing our problems are most certain related to packet loss on the network.
When we use the ROV with very few inputs it is stable, but with more advanced maneuvering and more autopilot the network seems unstable and we loose DVL then the camerafeed lags a lot.
And after that we got these crashes mentioned above,

So as anyone seen these unstable tendencies on the network that takes out DVL and camera?