BlueOS and multi vehicle: bug?

Hey all,
I have to deploy a setup involving multiple vehicle. I am usingPi4/Navigator/BlueOS/custom ArduRover.
I think I found a “bug” in blueOS:
when you define sysid_thismav to something different from one (as I understand has to be the case in multi-vehicle setup), some strange things happen:
If you use BlueOS 1.1.0 beta 14, you get VEHICLE_TYPE_FETCH_FAIL and UPDATE_TIME_FAIL notification all the time.
If you use BlueOS 1.1.0 beta 11, you get VEHICLE_TYPE_FETCH_FAIL and FIRM_FETCH_FAIL notification all the time.

If you use the latest (older) stable release of BlueOS which is 1.0.1, you get no notification at all (great!).
BUT unfortunately, you still get the heartbeat lost (red broken heart) whereas there are plenty of heartbeat messages exchanged.

In all cases, as long as you define sysid_thismav to something not equal to one, you get the red broken heart, “heartbeat lost”.

I could find something in core/frontend/src/components/health/HealthTrayMenu.vue line 208:
what happens if system_id is not one ? like in a multi-vehicle setup ?

So my question is:
Am I missing something here ?
If this is a “bug” can I report directly with the buttons of BlueOS or is there a different preferred way ?

Thanks for your answers,

Hi @mat, apologies for the delay on responding to this.

No - BlueOS is currently set up with the system and component ID both hardcoded to 1 in multiple places, so it’s expected that things will break if you’re using different values for them.

Yes, this is not the intended long-term behaviour (so it’s a “bug”), and you’re welcome to raise an issue to report it and track progress, as well as help contribute to the solution (through code and/or testing, or even just describing the behaviours you’re looking to make use of and need support for) :slight_smile:

Hi @EliotBR ,
I just saw your answer yesterday, sorry for that and thank you for this answer.
I raised an issue as I need these functionnality (having sysid_thismav value other than one very quickly).