BlueOS 1.1.0 release!

:ocean: BlueOS 1.1.0 is stable and available for updating to! :ocean:

On any vehicles running BlueOS, you should now receive a notification message in the web interface[1] that a new stable update is available :smiley:

Check our update guide for 1.0 users or 1.1.0-beta users.

After 17 months of development (including 30 beta releases), BlueOS 1.1 brings a revamped interface and an extended and more powerful experience for your vehicle configuration and integrations.

As one of our beta testers described it,

I’m out of the stone age - the newest BlueOS is like The Wizard of Oz changing from B&W to Color film!

The notable changes and improvements are described in the What’s New in BlueOS-1.1? documentation, but here are a few highlights:

  1. Extensions
  2. Vehicle Setup page
  3. BlueBoat Support


BlueOS 1.1 introduces a new extension system, which links users to developers by providing a platform for sharing, finding, and installing new functionalities without needing to modify BlueOS itself - just like installing applications on your computer.

Extensions can be used for everything from integrations and drivers for third-party sensors, to development environments, documentation, and remote vehicle access.

Note: The extension system was in an alpha stage during the BlueOS-1.1.0 beta releases. It is now considered to be in a beta stage of development, where there may still be quite significant changes coming but the current system and development direction are stable enough that we are happy for everyone to start using it :slight_smile:

One exciting extension to explore is Cockpit[2] , an experimental alternative to QGroundControl. It’s designed to be intuitive and fully customizable at its core. We’re actively developing it, and your feedback would be much appreciated! Another notable extension is VirtualHere, which lets you access USB devices connected to the vehicle as if they are plugged into your surface computer. Don’t miss out on ZeroTier either, which provides a virtual local network that allows accessing your vehicle(s) over the internet. All these extensions and more are available in BlueOS 1.1!

Vehicle Setup

Vehicle Setup is a new page for advanced vehicle configuration and visualization. You can see which sensors and devices are connected to the vehicle, as well as battery status, motor mapping, motor testing and much more, with an intuitive 3D visualiser!


BlueBoat Support

BlueOS is not just for underwater robots, and the new stable release comes with full support for BlueBoat built in!

This release has been a labour of love to create, and we’re thrilled to present it as a testament to our commitment to innovation, excellence and open source. As you dive into the deep or navigate through uncharted waters, we’re excited to see where you’ll take us next. Set sail with BlueOS 1.1, and let’s shape the future of marine technology together!

Quick links

  1. Documentation
  2. Source Code
  3. Releases, changelogs, files

Artwork “Charting New Waters”: commissioned from Nina Pinhoo

  1. when the vehicle is connected to the internet ↩︎

  2. Initial usage documentation and the first major release are coming soon! ↩︎


@patrickelectric This is great news. Busy adding a DVL to my demo ROV so will update and test this weekend. Amazing work here. This software has come a long way in both feature set and stability. Well done!


Sounds and looks amazing Patrick.