Update via BlueOS,Error

Why is it not possible to update via BlueOS?
Every time i have to open the watertight enclosures to update.
When I try to update autopilot firmware, nothing happens.

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Hi @an-ron,

From your pictures your vehicle is not connected to wifi, which most likely means it is not connected to the internet (in which case it can’t check for or download updates).

We’re working to make the error messages and indicators of that more intuitive, so that in future it’s more obvious when that’s the case and how to resolve it :slight_smile:

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The wireless network is connected to the internet.
That’s what’s so strange,I am connected to the internet via wifi.

Now i have discovered the error.

I have to first deactivate wireless network on my pc,
then i most go to BlueOS web interface and log on to wifi networks.

after I’ve done it,I have to activate wireless network again on my pc,then everything works

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I have to jump in here. Right now I’m running blueos-core 1.0 (4 months ago). I’m trying up update using the version chooser to a newer version.
My wireless is connected, I can see all of the available versions. When I click on 'Download and Apply" the UI goes through the motions of downloading and extracting all of the components.
Then it goes into an endless spin “Waiting for updates”. After a short while, it reverts to factory, but keeps on spinning.
I have to reboot to reenable wireless connectivity.

After reboot, I’m in factory version and, although the new version is available in local versions, it will not successfully run. Always goes through the same Spin to factory.

I would like the latest, but I cannot get any installed.

Thanks for the help,

Mark K

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To add:
It looks like, after it attempts to move to the new image, the Wlan0 will not come up. It is disconnected from the internet, and I cannot manually restart the WLan0 device without first forcing a reboot.

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Hi @mark,

I’m not sure which version you were trying to install, but generally they should be able to start up. That said, we’ve just released BlueOS-1.1 stable, which should be more robust than the beta versions preceding it, so hopefully it works to update to that. If that’s also not successful then I’d recommend following the installation instructions to flash a 1.1 image directly onto a micro SD card that you then use in the Raspberry Pi :slight_smile: