BlueOS Node-RED extension

One of the greatest features on BlueOS 1.1 is the possibility to install extensions and extend the funcionalities of the system.

Node-RED extension is one available in our store. There you can read data from serial ports, receive and send mavlink messages, write to a file and much more!

You can also create your own dashboard to visualize the information or send messages to vehicle or ground station.

Flow used in this example: example.json (1.4 KB)

Note: You need to install in node-red the following plugins: node-red-contrib-web-worldmap, node-red-dashboard, node-red-node-serialport


Sweet, this is big!

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Great news!
I want to use a joystick to move the ZOOM on my IP camera.
Can I use Red-Node to get custom_1 input?
The IP camera can be configured for Zoom at http put.

Hi @Itaru,

You may want to try this extension:

Thank you very much.
I understood that there is also an onvif extension.
What I want to know is how to write mavlink and message.
How do I receive custom_1 input from joystic?

@patrickelectric are you able to share the Json file for the entire example flow and not just the graph node?

I was able to do this after reading the following pages.

@Itaru thanks, this is perfect - so looking forward to making use of this functionality. Great job on BlueOS, the mavlink rest api and Node-Red extension.


Is the original flow available somewhere? I am looking for info about the Websocket out part (bottom right part). This can be use to send custom command to the pilot rigth?
Flow in original post