BlueBoat QGC connection?

Greetings all, I have just gone through the setup for the blueboat and I have everything connected per the manual. I can connect to BlueOS and both radios in a browser and cockpit will open. I attached a USB camera that I had in the shop to see how it

I installed QGC on this computer and the parameters do not download.

In the Comm links tab I do not have any connections.

Does anyone know if it is a TCP or UDP connection to the blueboat, and if so could you share your settings with me so I can finish setup in QGC? Thanks!

Check your firewall settings for the QGC app in Windows firewall settings for what ever the network type is for the network adapter used (private or public).
That would explain why it works in Cockpit but not QGC.

Greetings Matthew,
I have the settings on my firewall per the guide to allow the communication through. I have tested this on two different laptops and QGC does not connect, one of them is the laptop we use with our BlueROVs that connects automatically. I have even turned the windows firewall completely off as well and I can get cockpit to show but nothing in QGC…Any other ideas? In QGC do you have anything in your Comm Links?

I got some help from BlueRobotics support staff (thanks Tony)…I had my computer static IP set to, after changing back to then everything connected in QGC.