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BleuROV2 heavy DAE (Collada) file for Gazebo simulations

Hi everyone
The BlueROV2 ArduSub SITL with Gazebo is well understood and tested, thanks to @patrickelectric

git clone https://github.com/patrickelectric/bluerov_ros_playground

The BlueROV2 dae file is in the above repository, which can be used in URDF with Gazebo. Just wondering if any one can share BlueROV2 heavy DAE file? I have tried to convert the STEP/IGS files from https://grabcad.com/library/bluerobotics-bluerov2-heavy-1 using FreeCAD/Meshlab but found errors due to unknown components.

Please note that we can convert stl to dae file but stl format don’t preserve color. An example of BlueROV2 heavy dae file generated from stl and the BlueROV2 available in the repository is shown below:

File size 44Mb (which is great)

BlueROV2 heavy with decimation filter applied using MeshLab (can see the errors after decimation to reduce the file size). The GrabCAD STL file size is more than 200Mb.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hello Barain,

I went through this issue before, as I needed a really smaller file for visualization purposes.
Since we are starting with an engineering CAD file, it is quite painful.

I avise you to try it in blender. First take a look at all unnecessary components. All electronics should be stripped out, as well as smaller mechanical parts.

The remainder of larger parts need to be simplified (I used a decimate modifier).
This is still far rom optimal, ideally you should be able to get rid of all screw roles, and penetrators could really be just a cylinder shape.

But I managed to get a decent BlueRov2 representation down to a 6.3 MB file, which is nice:



Hi @williangalvani

Thanks. I think the files available on GrabCAD for BlueROV2 heavy cannot be imported in Blender except STL file, which don’t have color information preserved. Please correct me if I am wrong here. If I can get a larger filesize in DAE format, I should be able to reduce it. I guess the STEP/SLDPRT/IGS format can be converted into DAE to be able to import in Blender but I found it errors.

Is it possible for you to convert it into DAE with large file size from STEP/IOGS/SLDPRT and then I shopuld be able to reduce it in Blender. Thanks.

Hi @patrickelectric @williangalvani

Wondering if you guys or anyone can help to provide any dae file of BlueROV2 heavy? Thanks for your time and help in this regard

Hi @barain,

Unfortunately Solidworks cannot save .dae files. Perhaps another software can convert from STEP/SLDPRT/IGS to .dae?