Heavy Config Gazebo Model

Hello, I am trying to simulate the BlueRov2 with gazebo and ardupilot. I now need to change the bluerov model to be a heavy configuration and can’t figure it out. I’ve seen a post here that talked about adding more thrusters and control channels in the SDF file, but I am unsure on how to do that. If anyone has any resources or has a heavy config sdf file that would be appreciated.


Hi @ssicari,

You just need to update the urdf file to add more thrusters.
And edit the xacro file to update the buoyancy for each buoyancy foam of the frame and the motors position.

The same thing applies to the SDF file.


Thank you for the response, I am assuming I can just copy the format for adding the buoyancy foam and the motor position. Is there any resources to get the proper xyz positions for them?

The 3D model is likely helpful, although from a quick look at the xacro file patrick linked to it seems like the thrusters are defined by their motion axis contributions rather than by their positions. ArduSub’s thrust factors may be a useful reference for that, but the gazebo values don’t appear to use the motion axis (column-wise) normalisation that ArduSub’s thrust factors do.

Thank you for your links, but I’m still confused about how to get the pose of the 8 thrusters from the 3D models in the first link, I thought there would be frames already set in the (like, sldprt) model files, but not , then I don’t know how to set the origin point of a thruster and it’s rotating axis.
I want to apply control methods on this heavy model so it’s really important to make the model exactly precise, I hope you can give more suggestions or details, thank you!

Is there any updates on the matter of position for the thrusters?
While I know I could look it up using a CAD software, is there no documents with exact combination of XYZ and RPY for the xacro file?

Additionnally is it recommended to implement the 3D model of the BlueROV2 heavy instead of the BlueROV2 base?