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AUV Project Problems

We are dealing with Ardusub and AUV Project and we have some problems. We are carrying out the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle project for the TEKNOFEST competitions.
The most important issue is ESC calibration and motor control. Motors were tried to be managed with QGroundControl and Ardusub, but it was not successful. The vehicle type (engine configuration) is BlueRov2. The equipment used in the project is given below.
Control card: Pixhawk 2.4.8
Engine model: F2838 500 kV
ESC model: Skystars Talon32 Slim40A 40A BL_32 F3 3-6S
Computer: Jetson Nano 4GB
Depth/Pressure Sensor: DFRobot Analog Water Pressure Sensor

  1. Is there any incompatibility between the equipment used and Ardusub?
  2. Can you tell us the necessary steps to solve the problem experienced in Ardusub?
    We would be very grateful if you can help us. Please reply as soon as possible because we have limited time for project.
    Thanks in advance.