Automatic positionint in xyz plane

Hi, I have accurate xyz coordinates provided and would like to set reference coordinates that the ROV automatically goes to. This is simple controller theory and wouldn’t be much harder than some pid regulators on the closed loop system. I cant imagine that someone else has not done so already. My question is, does the regulator for the xyz plane exist? I know there are one for the euler angels and depth, but I can not find anything on x and y. On going to use ROS and would like to publish reference position as well as real position (guess im only publishing the error). When I look at your documentation there is no node graph, but from other forum posts it looks like you are only publishing cmd_vel to the pixhawk, and that means that the controller should be on the pi, witch it it not.


This hasn’t been implemented yet on ArduAub. You can take a look at the libraries available, and the pos_control and wp_nav members of Sub in the source code if you need to get going now. Check out the control_auto.cpp, this code is taken from copter and hasn’t been changed to operate correctly on sub.



I can still not find a graph over your ros-nodes. Can someone provide it? I cant find any packages related to controlling the ROV that is build with the ROS framework. I added a photo of how I would have done it, keep in mind it got some mistakes, the most important thing is that i can send cmd_vel messages to the pixhawk I dont have a pixhawk, nor your ROV so I cant make the node graph.