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Auto stabilize wont stabilize my ROV

(Jay Abraham) #1

I’ve seen the auto stabilize videos online with 6 motors and they appear to work flawlessly but when i do it on my rov, it doesn’t stabilize at all. it moves around in odd orientations and it never stabilizes well. what should i do to make it work?

(Jacob) #2

Hello, Please revisit our software setup instructions, and make sure you complete them in order and in their entirety. Pay particular attention to the joystick and motor setup sections.

(Jay Abraham) #3

pretty cool! seems to be working now. the only thing i changed was that i added the manual, depth hold, and auto stabilize mode buttons on my controller. does doing just that make a difference?

(Willian Galvani) #4

Ardusub typically boots in MANUAL mode. Without the buttons assigned you would need to change mode using QGC.

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(Jacob) #5

There are button assignments for MANUAL, DEPTH_HOLD, and STABILIZE by default. It is also fine to add more, or move them.