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Auto stabilize wont stabilize my ROV

I’ve seen the auto stabilize videos online with 6 motors and they appear to work flawlessly but when i do it on my rov, it doesn’t stabilize at all. it moves around in odd orientations and it never stabilizes well. what should i do to make it work?

Hello, Please revisit our software setup instructions, and make sure you complete them in order and in their entirety. Pay particular attention to the joystick and motor setup sections.

pretty cool! seems to be working now. the only thing i changed was that i added the manual, depth hold, and auto stabilize mode buttons on my controller. does doing just that make a difference?

Ardusub typically boots in MANUAL mode. Without the buttons assigned you would need to change mode using QGC.

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There are button assignments for MANUAL, DEPTH_HOLD, and STABILIZE by default. It is also fine to add more, or move them.