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Audible alarm and flashing light on ESC

Twice now after recovering the BR2 I have had an audible alarm sounding in the 4 inch enclosure and now noticed a red flashing light on at least one of the ESC’s. Does anyone know what the cause is. I haven’t really noticed a problem flying the ROV before recovery.

Link below short video of Alarm

Dropbox Alarm Link

Hi @dtrail,

Those look like the original Basic ESC R1. To my recollection, that alarm sounds when the ESCs have overheated. That could be from hot ambient temperatures, running extra hard for an extended period, or a jammed thruster constantly trying to start up and drawing excess current through the ESC.

FYI, the sound isn’t coming from within the enclosure, rather from the thrusters. The ESCs have no built in speakers, they use the thrusters as speakers to note status.


Thanks for the information. Knowing the audible is from the thruster should allow me to at least identify which thruster to evaluate.