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Thruster suddenly stopped

(JGreg Kherian) #1

Hi all,

Our vertical starboard thruster on BR2 suddenly stops working after some minutes of use. It makes an alarm and a red led shows up on the ESC (see the not great picture below…). It has happened 3-4 times recently and is functional again after disconnecting and powering up.

We were not able to identify what causes it precisely, but it seems to happen with high gain/ heavy thruster use…

Any suggestion?


(Jacob) #2

Fault codes are described at the end of this document. Are you able to identify the fault code?

Please contact support@bluerobotics.com for a replacement.

(JGreg Kherian) #3

it had a red light constantly on and beeped with a siren sound until we disconnected the power.
likely “repeating beeps 1,1,3,3” from the fault description.

Let me know if you think it needs replaced.


(Adam) #4

That does sound like a faulty ESC- please contact us at support@bluerobotics.com for a replacement.


(JGreg Kherian) #5

ok, thanks!