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Intermitent thruster

(Luis Gamez) #1

Hello guys,

One of the thrusters of my BR2 (number 8) is working intermitent it does appear to work fine for some time but suddenly it stops working and i can hear the ESC beaps like resetting it self, then suddenly works fine again and the ESC reset again, all other motors are working fine.

Any ideas what might be the problem? Motor or ESC?


(TCIII) #2


Have you checked both the ESC and Thruster three wire connections in the terminal block?

One could be loose! You might try loosening and retightening each of the wires.


(Jacob) #3

@Luis to narrow the problem, you could switch the thruster to a different thruster that doesn’t have the problem. Then you can see if the issue is associated with the esc or the thruster.