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ArduSub support for Bar02 depth/pressure sensor? Depth hold not functioning

Hi there,

I have 2 related issues:

    I am getting strange values using the Bar02 connected to a PixHawk running ArduSub. For the record I am running ArduSub 3.5.3.

In air at around 40m above sea level, our Bar02 is reading ~20500 mbar via QGC. We have a spare Bar02 that we have connected to the raspberry pi and are reading values via the Blue Robotics python library. This also gave us values of approximately ~20340. Then we changed the Barometer initialisation in the first few lines of example.py from

sensor = ms5837.MS5837_30BA()


sensor = ms5837.MS5837_02BA()

This meant that we now received values of approx 1017 mbar, which is still not accurate for our altitude in air but nevertheless a lot closer to what we expect.

Is there an equivalent change we can make in ArduSub so that it calculates correctly for the Bar02? Can we change a parameter in QGC that specifies which barometer we are using? Or perhaps Ardusub does not yet have support for the Bar02?

    Underwater, depth hold does not function (tested in a pool ~2m deep), with the Robot desperately trying to surface regardless of its starting position or any force holding it down. Looking at the raw pressure values in QGC, we see press_abs values in the order of > 20000 mbar which equates to ~200m depth. However we do not have any fence parameters available and so the robot should still hold its depth.

ArduSub does not support Bar02. It supports the Bar30 and Bar100. Support will require changes to the code, there is no parameter available to make it work. Why do you want to use a Bar02 on your vehicle?