Ardusub & Pixhawk Hardware compatibility question

Hi everybody!

Is this version of Pixhawk HolyBro Pixhawk Mini compatible with Ardusub?

I’m looking for the smallest compatible Pixhawk for a very small custom ROV build.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @mamdouh, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

As far as I’m aware it’s not one we’ve tested, so we can’t guarantee that it will work. That said, we provide (untested) compiled binaries for many of the ArduPilot-supported boards here, so if you get the board you should at least be able to load a potentially usable firmware onto it and test it out. Assuming it’s similar to the Pixhawk 4 you’ll likely need the latest firmware rather than a stable release at this point - I assume the relevant folder would be PH4-mini.

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Hi @EliotBR
Thanks a lot for your comprehensive answer.
Since Pixhawk Mini was sold out everywhere my team managed to find a space for Pixhawk 2 from Holybro.
Can you guide me to the exact latest firmware folder relevant to this board? Please.

Your link says the board is based on FMUv2, so I presume the appropriate firmware would be ArduPilot firmware : /Sub/stable/fmuv2.

Edit: having looked at that board a bit more, it looks like it might be a drop-in replacement for the Pixhawk 1 that comes in our electronics enclosure, but your linked board uses Molex Picoblade connectors instead of DF13, so you may have issues connecting it to things like our Power Sense Module or Bar30 Pressure/Depth Sensor. Connectors can of course be replaced, but it’s understandably not super fun to need to crimp your own cables or use converter boards/cables for products that are designed and expected to plug in and work.

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