ArduSub on Chuck from Parrot

Hi Everybody,

I was wondering if we could instal ArduSub on the Chuck (module inside the Disco) from Parrot ? I know Parrot is currently porting Ardupilot on the Chuck and the HAL seems to work.

I could be very interesting because you already have everything you need (almost)inside.

Thanks in advance.

No, not without some effort in modifying source code. Only the pixhawk is supported at the moment. Aside from cost, the main problem I see with the chuck is that it doesn’t appear to have any peripheral ports, so you would not be able to install a depth sensor.



Thanks for your answer.

For the depth sensor, there is a I2C free. And I made some test with the pitot sensor to use it as a depth sensor. And it seems to work really well.

Well it looks like I’m going to start a new project. Parrot’s guys seem to be interested to add Ardusub on it as they are already working on Arducopter/ArduPilot/ArduRover.


Mael, That’s great. All that I meant was that I don’t know anyone who has tried it, or is working on it, and that I did not know enough about the unit myself to be sure if it would work. Please join in on gitter and keep us updated.


I will ! Thanks

I’m really curious what you mean about the pitot. Are you putting the pitot in water, or are you have you removed the pitot and wired a depth sensor in place?


I have just put the silicone tube in the water (2m about)

I have to find the spec of the sensor to be sure of the pressure range.