Beaglebone Black/BBBMini for Ardusub

I have a spare BBBMini setup for my Arducopter setup, and want to set it up for an ROV project I am helping on. Problem is can only find detailed info on Copter and Plane, but nothing on the SUB side. Any help would be great.

Hi Michael,

Right now, we only support the Pixhawk1. I’ve made a few brief attempts using just the BBB computer and the BBBMini shield on the bench. ArduSub runs, but I have had issues getting the depth sensor to communicate, so no depth hold. It should be possible to get it working on the BBB, though.

To put ArduSub on the BBB, steps should be analogous to putting ArduCopter on.

Let me know if you get it working, or have any other questions.